February 2021 ASLHS Newsletter

As a THANK YOU gift and to celebrate Deaf Black History Month this month, 3 lucky ASL teachers/sponsor will receive 1 of the following books:

  1. "Hidden Treasure of Black ASL" by Carolyn McCaskill

  2. "Unfolding the Soul of Black Deaf Expressions" by Clifford Terry

  3. "Black Deaf Students: A Model for Educational Success" by Carolyn Williamson

We hope this wonderful resource will allow you to incorporate Deaf Black History in your curriculum. Winners will be announced Feb 26th. How to enter: you must be a member of ASLTA and ASLHS. If you haven't renew or join ASLHS- apply here! ASLHS membership coordinator will randomly draw 3 winners.





WELCOME Our Newest ASLHS Board Member!

ASLHS Membership Recruiter- Anthony R. Witherspoon

Chris Johnson will make the forthcoming Membership Coordinator soon, but here, one of his action plans, the Membership Recruiter position, will begin at the next board meeting.

Anthony R. Witherspoon is a distinguished bilingual Black Deaf male who is passionately serving Black Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities. Mr. Witherspoon hails from Brownsville, Tennessee, and overcame innumerable obstacles as a student-athlete at Tennessee School for the Deaf (TSD): to name one, Anthony was inducted to Tennessee Hall of Fame in the year 2014. Mr. Witherspoon's prolonged unquenchable thirst for knowledge inspired him to declare a major in Communications at Gallaudet University in Washington, District of Columbia. Anthony would be remiss if he declined an internship opportunity with the American Sign Language Honor Society (ASLHS) as a board member serving as a Membership Recruiter. He will work alongside Chris D. Johnson, currently serving as a Membership Coordinator, and Devin Hasty, current Public Relations coordinator. A rare opportunity that compromises his newfound journey to set a bar and higher standards for d/Deaf and HOH youth. Anthony's initial response to his future community advocacy was, "Giving back to the community is one of the enriching moments I will never forget."



Come join the ASLTA Town Hall Meeting!

Reminder: We officially established a private facebook group for your ASL Honor Society Members/Students to join! This will be a wonderful opportunity for your students to join, collaborate, network with other ASL students, share ideas on variety topics regarding ASLHS and so much more!

ASLTA Conference

Congratulations to the following ASLHS members for receiving a free scholarship to attend the 2021 ASLTA Virtual Conference:

Darlene Combs, Elizabeth Robblee, Kimberley Crites, & Michelle Gachowski

ASLHS Membership Coordinator will contact you to receive a ticket to this event this summer!


Logo Design Competition

Winners will be announce on February 15th. Stay tuned!

Next Competition Deadline:

ASL Literature (Visual Vernacular)- Submission deadline: April 30, 2021

How to get started:

1. Introduce this video to your members to discuss what Visual Verancular (VV) means.

2. Check out several videos to watch and recreate your own video for this competition here

3. Fill out the application given on our website and share it with Robin Newson-Wuertz at aslhs.competitions2@aslta.org.

Application Forms can be found here



  • It's now time for a renewal or an opportunity to join American Sign Language Honor Society! Don't forget to renew your ASLTA and ASLHS membership fees if you haven't done so.

  • You are not a member but interested joining ASLHS or know someone who’s interested? It’s not too late to join! Be sure to pay your dues at https://aslta.org/membership/. Pay either by mail or online. Membership starts from Sept. 1st, 2020 to Aug. 31st, 2021. If you have any questions, contact aslhs@aslta.org. Here is the video with instruction on how to find the form and pay on ASLTA webpage.



We are accepting Graduation orders earlier!

Check out more information about graduation orders on our website. We are accepting orders earlier! Please contact Amy Crumine for additional questions at aslhs.membership@aslta.org

Credit card payment is suggested for faster service. Other payments can be made but payment will need need to be paid in advance in order (3-4 weeks) to receive your materials in time.

Check out our Graduation Orders Information HERE


ASLHS Teacher Grant

Have an ASL study project in mind related to your ASL classes and need financial assistance? ASL Honor Society offers up to $500 teacher grants for our ASL teachers throughout the year. We provide 3-5 award a year.

Appropriate uses for the ASL Honor Society Teacher Mini-Grant Program include, but are not limited to:

- Guest speaker fees

- ASL Festival / Deaf Awareness Weeks costs

- ASL-curriculum, supplies, or equipment

And more...

Application submission due date: April 30th, 2021 Apply by filling out this form: ASLHS Teacher Grant Application

2020-2021 Winners:

Award 1: Congratulations to Roxann Barrera-Coffman for earning a $500 teacher grant to purchase ASL curriculum and support her school's ASL concert event! We LOVE supporting our ASLHS teachers.

Be sure to fill out the application above to qualify for an ASL teacher grant!


ASLHS Scholarship

The ASLHS is proud to sponsor nationwide scholarships available to students majoring or minoring in ASL, Deaf Studies, Deaf Education, and Interpreter Preparation. Current ASL scholarship amounts range between $1,750.00 and $2,500.00 each. Scholarships are offered to students who will begin college in the fall or are currently enrolled. Applicants must have an active chapter of the ASLHS on campus to be eligible. No scholarships are awarded to students from campuses that are not members of ASLHS.

Scholarship applications due April 16, 2021

Apply here: Scholarship Application


Want to be featured in our future newsletters on our blog?

We are looking for:

-Teachers that deserve to be recognized. Nomination form here

-Students who works hard in your ASLHS chapter and ASLHS sponsor believe student should receive the recognition. Nomination form here

-Classroom highlight- show what your ASLHS chapter have been doing so far! Nomination form here

Please fill out the nomination form given above & have your ASLHS members to fill out social media consent form. Send the information to aslhs.pr@aslta.org. Check out the video here.


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