2021 ASL Lit. Competition Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of 2021 ASL Literature (Visual Vernacular)!

Check out the videos presented by our winners!


1. Lorraine Prentice - Academy of Our Lady of Peace

2. Isabella Fimbres & Faride Gomez - Academy of Our Lady of Peace

3. Anna Storniolo - Academy of Our Lady of Peace


1. Mia Humphry - Sage Creek High School

2. Tina Rubio - Academy of Our Lady of Peace

3. Rachel Baumann - Academy of Our Lady of Peace


1. Jaymie Tucker - Denton High School

2. Delaney Hankins - Flower Mound High School

3. Ruby Van Cott - Oak Park High School

Again, Congratulations and thank you all for those who participated in this competition. Until next year!


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